Same gnarly crew. New, less dorky name.


Bill Carson: Producer, Director, Editor

Bill Carson is the Executive Producer/Editor at IdeaHous Video Production. Internationally recognized, he's an award-winning pro with over 27 years of experience in creating video and motion graphics used in training, corporate identity, marketing, web, and special event displays. Whew...

Bill's also an avid runner, a gym rat, world traveler, and trapeze daredevil (we have video proof). He's also the keyboardist and music worship team leader at his church....and...he's a gnarly but sweet-smelling dude who's available for free-lance work and consultation.Ask him, he'll tell you, he's literally awesome. 

Bob Beverage: Writer

Bob is a one-time jock who started out in math and science, went into the arts and ended up straddling the worlds of business writing and theatre. With a background in the general sciences and a degree in Physics, Bob is a quick study in the technology, medical, financial and manufacturing markets with extensive B2B and B2C experience. His niche is developing creative, actionable communications that inform, inspire, educate, train and ultimately, get results.

Kevin Galligan: Director of Videography

Kevin has been the DP on virtually every one of our shoots since 2002. Remarkably, he's lived to talk about it.

Stacia Rom: Production Coordinator

Stacia wears many hats, working both in the office and on the set. She coordinates projects from talking heads to full videos, including built sets and props, and can manage many projects at once. Stacia wrangles cats in her spare time.


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